YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software Customization Options

A key question every starting dating site owner asks while choosing a solution for their project is how flexible said solution is when it comes to customization. Your site is your business, and every business must be unique to maximize the opportunity to be successful. Customizing your site powered by YourOwnDatingApp dating script is the way to make your business unique.

YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software presents numerous ways to implement customization. Depending on client ideas and budgets, customization can be as small as tweaking default graphic elements, or as big as creating an entirely new site or even a dating app from scratch. We have an entire in-house team to work on large-scale custom projects, overseen by Personal Managers. Smaller scale customizations (both, feature and graphic-wise) can be done through regular support or even by clients themselves if they wish so.

In general, it is important to know ahead of time how adaptive your chosen solution is. The flexibility towards customization will tell you how easy it will be to modify it, and thus how soon you will see the end-result in action. Of course, you can check the YourOwnDatingApp dating script demo, but the best way to get all the answers is to request a personal trial.

With the trial, you get your own site, which you can tweak in any way you want. Also, you get to talk to our team if you have any questions or need assistance. This way you can evaluate the professionalism and quality of our services. In the end, if satisfied, you can keep the site after purchasing a license, and continue with your project.

Often our clients look into something more than visual tweaks or re-configuration of default features and themes. This is where Custom Modification Department (CMD) comes into play. YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software is popular because of its acclaimed plug-in system. Meaning that any brand new feature or widget you want on your site can be developed just for you and added to the base platform as a plug-in. You can request our CMD to evaluate your project ahead of time to have several customization options on your hands ahead of time.

If you want to know more about customizations options we offer or have questions about our products and services, do not hesitate to contact us, scheduling a call with our representatives, or requesting a trial. We are always happy to help you launch a site of your dreams.

YourOwnDatingApp Dating Script Tips: Make Money with Ads

One of the ways to make money with your site powered by YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software is through the placement of advertisement banners. This way you can sell banner traffic via Google’s AdSense system or even do it independently. Every time one of your visitors clicks on a banner you’ll be generating some money – it is this easy.

Google AdSense
As you might already know, Google AdSense is a great free tool to make money with your website. Anyone looking to promote products or services pay for the ads, and then Google’s system distributes said ads across its vast network. You, as a site owner can choose the ad topics, you agree to display. This way you can be sure that no other ad subjects will be shown to your audience, avoiding advertisements from competitors or inappropriate images.

In a nutshell – if your site caters to, for example, single sports-oriented young people and someone wants to advertise running shoes to that demo, Google AdSense will pick the best paying bidders and place their ads on your site. Everyone wins.

To activate AdSense on your site, just follow this link and register your account there. The system will then generate a personal code, which you can use to display ads following the instruction bellow. After completing all checks, you’ll be ready to start working, or more precisely, make money.

Activating Ad Banners on Your Site with YourOwnDatingApp Dating Script
Go to Admin Area > Plugins > Installed Plugins.
Find the Advertisement plugin – move mouse cursor over it, and click the Settings button.

You will be directed to the Advertisement plugin management page.
Here you will see two tabs: Manage banners and Banner placement

Now create a new banner template by clicking the Add Banner button:
Enter the name of your ad template into Label field
Insert the advertisement code into the Code field:
First you should upload the banner image to server public_html/banners directory via FTP.

Open your banners directory in your browser, e. g. http://[your_site_URL]/banners

Copy the link to the banner appeared in the browser and paste the link to the following banner code:


Click the Add button.
Go to the Banner placement section and choose position for the ad on your site pages.

Please assign ads to appropriate places and pages field – you can choose a certain page to display the ad banner, or simply leave the Global value, which will show your ad on every page.

To add the banner to the desired position, click the link 0 banner(s). When the popup window appears, you will be able to choose your banner from the list of available ads.
And that’s it. Now you can start making money with banner ads. As always, you can skip all that and simply request the help of YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software professional support team. We’ll be happy to assist you. If you have any questions regarding the inner working of SkaDate dating script or the services we provide, just give us a call, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Feedback That Drives YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software To Be The Best

Why YourOwnDatingApp? This is one of the main questions on the minds of our potential clients. When replying to this question we typically love to show all the benefits of YourOwnDatingApp dating script and all the accompanying services we provide.

Today though, we’ll do something different. We’ll let our work speak for itself through the words of a very satisfied customer. This site owner went through several solutions before settling on YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software, and never looked back. This is the type of acknowledgement that makes us strive to be the best dating software company in the industry.

Thank you, Bart. Words like your is what guarantees the continuous improvement of all our products and services. We really appreciate it.

Why YourOwnDatingApp?
Bart Smith, Author/Founder,, &, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“If you’re looking to start your own dating website there are three (3) things you need to be concerned about: software, price and support.

Will the software perform like you want it to or expect it to? That is, is it designed with the LATEST FEATURES, functionality and performance the top dating sites are using? (With YourOwnDatingApp, YES!)

Is the PRICE affordable so that you’re not getting what you pay for? If I’ve learned anything over the past 20 years making money online, if you need software = don’t be afraid to pay for it. Don’t cut corners, don’t use the cheap stuff, and don’t spare any expense if you can. The dating software package you choose will serve as the foundation for your members and you making money. Spare no expense. Pay just beyond what you think you’re comfortable paying and then pay a little more. (YourOwnDatingApp is perfectly priced.)

Lastly, SUPPORT. If you buy dating software off the shelf, how well do the developers support their own product? They better. You’re going to need support and regularly. Things WILL come up! You need answers.

With that said, I took a chance with YourOwnDatingApp, having looked into 20+ other dating software/app solutions for years, mind you. Only to discover? Their support is FAR BEYOND INCREDIBLE

and UNMATCHED by even some of the biggest eCommerce software solutions I’m used to dealing with on the Web. Not only fast 24-hour responses, but personable, genuine and thoughtful. I’ll toss another description of their support = FRIENDLY! I can tell they smiled after every stroke of the Enter key to send/reply to my support issues.

If you are looking to meet those main three criteria for a dating software solution (web-based and/or app-based), look no further than YourOwnDatingApp. With YourOwnDatingApp, they were patient to work with me through the times I needed to get my own stuff together for my dating book(s) and app. Their support documentation, screenshots and knowledge base I was directed to reference if I needed assistance on something with their software was professionally laid out, written, provided for, and then some.

I write/create training video/written tutorials and books for a living. I know good writing and tutorial layout and structure when I see it. I create/look at my own all day long! HAHA Just check out That’s one of my sites, which I built by myself. Having scoured YourOwnDatingApp online instruction and training materials, I found them to be extremely organized, detailed and rich with the info I sought.

You’re going to get the kind of support and training you need if you go with YourOwnDatingApp. The previous dating software solution I tried, of which I was given free access to, its customer support disappeared, vanished, and faded into darkness. Thank goodness I didn’t pay for what I was testing. I would have received no support and my dating site/app dreams would have been dashed.

So, if you decide to take the plunge with YourOwnDatingApp, you WILL NOT be disappointed. I know I haven’t and I’ve been with them going on a year customizing their dating software to my liking, among other things I’ve been working on related to my dating business.

Great job, MobileAppSoftwareCompany. Keep up the outstanding support and work you do. Other companies could learn a lot from how you run your operation and support the products you create.“