Feedback That Drives YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software To Be The Best

Why YourOwnDatingApp? This is one of the main questions on the minds of our potential clients. When replying to this question we typically love to show all the benefits of YourOwnDatingApp dating script and all the accompanying services we provide.

Today though, we’ll do something different. We’ll let our work speak for itself through the words of a very satisfied customer. This site owner went through several solutions before settling on YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software, and never looked back. This is the type of acknowledgement that makes us strive to be the best dating software company in the industry.

Thank you, Bart. Words like your is what guarantees the continuous improvement of all our products and services. We really appreciate it.

Why YourOwnDatingApp?
Bart Smith, Author/Founder,, &, Los Angeles, CA, USA

“If you’re looking to start your own dating website there are three (3) things you need to be concerned about: software, price and support.

Will the software perform like you want it to or expect it to? That is, is it designed with the LATEST FEATURES, functionality and performance the top dating sites are using? (With YourOwnDatingApp, YES!)

Is the PRICE affordable so that you’re not getting what you pay for? If I’ve learned anything over the past 20 years making money online, if you need software = don’t be afraid to pay for it. Don’t cut corners, don’t use the cheap stuff, and don’t spare any expense if you can. The dating software package you choose will serve as the foundation for your members and you making money. Spare no expense. Pay just beyond what you think you’re comfortable paying and then pay a little more. (YourOwnDatingApp is perfectly priced.)

Lastly, SUPPORT. If you buy dating software off the shelf, how well do the developers support their own product? They better. You’re going to need support and regularly. Things WILL come up! You need answers.

With that said, I took a chance with YourOwnDatingApp, having looked into 20+ other dating software/app solutions for years, mind you. Only to discover? Their support is FAR BEYOND INCREDIBLE

and UNMATCHED by even some of the biggest eCommerce software solutions I’m used to dealing with on the Web. Not only fast 24-hour responses, but personable, genuine and thoughtful. I’ll toss another description of their support = FRIENDLY! I can tell they smiled after every stroke of the Enter key to send/reply to my support issues.

If you are looking to meet those main three criteria for a dating software solution (web-based and/or app-based), look no further than YourOwnDatingApp. With YourOwnDatingApp, they were patient to work with me through the times I needed to get my own stuff together for my dating book(s) and app. Their support documentation, screenshots and knowledge base I was directed to reference if I needed assistance on something with their software was professionally laid out, written, provided for, and then some.

I write/create training video/written tutorials and books for a living. I know good writing and tutorial layout and structure when I see it. I create/look at my own all day long! HAHA Just check out That’s one of my sites, which I built by myself. Having scoured YourOwnDatingApp online instruction and training materials, I found them to be extremely organized, detailed and rich with the info I sought.

You’re going to get the kind of support and training you need if you go with YourOwnDatingApp. The previous dating software solution I tried, of which I was given free access to, its customer support disappeared, vanished, and faded into darkness. Thank goodness I didn’t pay for what I was testing. I would have received no support and my dating site/app dreams would have been dashed.

So, if you decide to take the plunge with YourOwnDatingApp, you WILL NOT be disappointed. I know I haven’t and I’ve been with them going on a year customizing their dating software to my liking, among other things I’ve been working on related to my dating business.

Great job, MobileAppSoftwareCompany. Keep up the outstanding support and work you do. Other companies could learn a lot from how you run your operation and support the products you create.“

YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software Marketing Tips: Dating Site Ads and Facebook

When you are starting your own online dating business, creating a website is only the first step, albeit a pretty tough one. Your site must be unique, appealing, user-friendly, functional and easily monetizable (able to make you money). Luckily, YourOwnDatingApp dating script takes care of all of that with the help of our friendly support team.

Next is marketing, because even the most beautiful of sites is useless without incoming traffic. Previously we’ve already covered basics of marketing tactics for Google AdWords, and now let’s take a deeper look at social media. This is where Facebook takes the advertising crown.

Indeed, Facebook is very useful for the promotion of dating sites, but of course, there’s a catch. The biggest social network in the world imposes pretty strict limitations and regulations when it comes to advertising any services and businesses even remotely related to dating. This is understandable since a lot of people in different age groups use the platform every day.

In general, ads for any online dating services are only allowed with explicit authorization from Facebook. At the same time, the social network restricts the placement of ads for dating sites which emphasize finding a sexual partner.

In fact, any primarily sexual emphasis is a big no-no. This means that sites for affairs, casual dating, hookups and the like, are off the list from the start. The same goes for sites with ‘couple’ or ‘group’ options, which imply a very adult kind of interaction between people.

Mail order bride sites and services are also restricted when it comes to advertising on Facebook. For example, you cannot place ads like these –

But the rest is fair game, although the restrictions lead to harsher rules regarding images, targeting, and language used in your ads.

Dating ads should not contain images that even hint at nudity or can be considered sexually suggestive. Begone any excessive skin, cleavage or inappropriate clothing! The pics must not be blurry, fuzzy, or have visible pixelation – in short, they should be of good quality. And last, but not least rule regarding ads pics – no selfies (which, at this point, should be a government regulation or something).


These images are clear and neutral but can appeal to people looking for romance and dating.


This time, the images are either of poor quality, too suggestive or explicitly sexual in nature.

To pass the Facebook approval process, you have to properly set up your ads during the detailed targeting stage of the ad creation. Most notably, you have to create separate ads targeting men and women if you want to reach both. In addition, you must follow these steps –

Set the ‘Relationship’ parameter to ‘Single’ or ‘Not Specified’;
Set the ‘Sex’ parameter to either ‘Men’ or ‘Women’;
Set the ‘Age’ parameter to at least 18 years;
Set the ‘Interested In’ parameter to either ‘Men’ or ‘Women.’
Like with the images, the language requirements follow general guidelines. Using common sense expected from a corporate giant like Facebook should be enough. Thus, profanities, vulgarities, and insults are not allowed. Ad texts (even if placed on images) must clearly state and represent the service or company advertised, with no fictitious characters or specific individuals. Also, ads may not suggest that a person may be, will be, is, or has been searched for or interacted with in any way.

All caps or any other intrusive ways of presenting text is off the list as well, just like any attempts at directly requesting user attributes or indicating particular age bracket (even if your ad is set up for a specific age group). In addition, your ad must include the name of the site you advertise.

“Looking for a Girlfriend?”

“Find a Date Today!”

“Looking for Love? We’ve got the answers.”

“Chat with Boys on Facebook”

“(1) Message For You” (These imply that there is a connection between the Facebook chat and message products and your service.)

“Single and Lonely?” (This statement indicates a negative sentiment for the person.)

Going by the vast experience of YourOwnDatingApp Dating Software and the army of our clients, complying with all the regulations is not a guarantee your ad will be approved at first attempt. That’s no reason to panic. In most cases, a rejection means that either you missed some complex rule or the person accepting your ad did not do their job properly. You won’t believe how often that happens. In any case, an appeal to Facebook support or resolution center usually solves the issue.

On top of communicating with Facebook and requesting a repeat consideration, you can also set up three different ad groups, with different texts, targeting, and images. This way you give Facebook moderators several options to choose from, and also shift the focus on various ads, which significantly increases the chance of success.