Google AdWords for Dating Apps Promotion

Following the recent release of the new SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps, we saw an influx of requests for tips on app marketing. Well, what’s better out there than Google AdWords? It’s more expensive than black-hat trickery, but it is still the only reliable and trustworthy way to get actual results. AdWords is also one of the most accessible promotion tools out there, so let’s see what it has on offer:

1. Universal App Campaign
The quickest and most sound way, requiring almost no technical knowledge.

Pros Cons
You get the entire audience in one click – those who use Google Search, look for apps in Google Play, play with other apps, simply browse the web, or just watch YouTube. It is definitely easy to set up an ad campaign like this, but the tradeoff is the lack of direct control. You never see which platform generates most views and clicks. Google does it itself, using internal algos, and changing rates accordingly.
2. Mobile App Install Ad
Right up until the appearance of Universal App Campaign, this was the preferred marketing method for the promotion of mobile dating apps.

Pros Cons
You can control all the installation processes, and monitor the audience reaction to your ads. Discover which platforms and specific ads work best, and then setup per-click and download prices yourself. It takes quite some time to set up, test, adjust, and monitor such a campaign properly. This all can be overwhelming, so experience in targeting and ad setting is highly advised.
3. Mobile App Engagement
A sad but true fact – the app life-span is short. In the age of abridged attention spans, a user tends to keep an app on their smartphone for just a couple of weeks on average. That is, unless the app truly captures the user’s attention. And that’s one of your primary goals – not just make the download happen, but also to retain the user after the fact. Luckily, Google came up with a tool just for that, allowing some interaction with users who already installed your app.

So how does this work? Well, the ad is shown only to users who already have the app on their phones. They see a call to action related to something happening with the app, like: “Fifty new singles joined us today. Open the app to see if your match is among them!” Clicking the ad will bring the user right to the page with fresh singles. The main condition is to have a special link to the app, which you can insert into the message.

Promoting your SkaDate Mobile Dating Apps is an important step, which shows its effectiveness almost immediately. As you can see from the list above, there are already plenty of tools to help you with marketing. All you got to do now is be proactive. If you still deciding whether our solutions can help your business, just give us a call, and we’ll get back to you with answers about SkaDate Dating Software, Mobile Apps, or our other products and services.

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