Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get full source code?

Yes! Absolutely. There is no hidden or encrypted code whatsoever. You may edit and change as you wish. You will find nice, clean code written by developers in the USA.

What language is it written in?

You will find the code written in simple Javascript. We also used Expo and Expo XDE. However, if you do not wish to use Expo, you can simply Eject from Expo.

What is the back end?

The back end is Firebase. All items, database, user management is done simply from your Firebase Back End. Firebase is 100% free!

What do i need for the Facebook login?

The app is already pre-programmed to use Facebook Login! So all you need to do is go to Facebook and setup a Facebook Developer Account and create a new app!

Are there any other costs involved?

No! The only cost is the cost of the app here. The only other cost you may run into is if your app becomes crazy popular and you need to upgrade your Firebase Account to allow more Bandwidth, Storage Space, etc.

Do you provide support after purchase?

Absolutely! When you purchase, you will get a detailed document on how to setup your app. Also after your purchase we are here for you to help you get your app setup and running. For the Premium Version, we provide free 10 day support after purchase. If you need additional help after 10 days, we can provide additional support at an extra charge.

When do I get my source code?

As soon as your payment is verified, your email receipt includes a download link to directly download your software. If you have any trouble, do not hesitate to contact our customer service to help you.

Are refunds allowed?

Unfortunately, no. Due to this being a software purchase, you will have full access to 100% source code after purchase, so of course a refund would not be allowed at that point.