Some of the best features

Here are just a few of the extensive feature-rich options you will find with YourOwnDatingApp!

Facebook or User/Pass

Allow your members to easily join and login either simply entering your username & password, or by Facebook to instantly join!

Great Privacy Features

Keep your members safe by allowing them to Block Users, Report Users, Turn their profile off/on, Delete account and Delete all messages from BOTH phones!

Search Results

User results page displaying all members within your selected criteria and within your search radius area! Just tap to view their profile!


Fully compatible for both iPhone, iPad & Android! Your app will be available on both iOS and Android platforms via the App Store and Google Play!

Multiple Dating Fields

Multiple dating fields allowing your users to input several fields about themselves! Including basic information, lifestyle information and dating information!

Extensive Chat Features

Full chat features including tap profile icon to view users profile, tap row to view message, swipe to delete, deleting message also deletes all messages on other users phone as well!