More features for you

A native app for every platform. With an all-new look and powerful features, YourOwnDatingApp is the best way to ensure success for your business.


YourOwnDatingApp is powered by world class Firebase. Firebase handles all users, content and full database.Set up your Firebase account today for free!


Our app is coded with simple, clean Javascript written by US developers. Running with Expo and Expo XDE makes loading and building simple.

Future vision

With 100% open source code, you will be able to make changes quickly and easily. React Native and Yarn allows easy coding and fast performance.

Location Based

All users are displayed by your proximity and location. Quickly and easily change your search parameters to locate either users close by, or even far away!


YourOwnDatingApp is a cross-compatible app for iOS or Android. Coded with simple Javascript allows you to easily and simply have native apps!


With a nice clean user interface, allowing your members to quickly and easily find what their looking for. Material Design is the future!